Michael T. Parra, MD

parra-michaelAt Rocky Mountain Health Plans, Dr. Michael T. Parra demonstrates an expertise in the oncology and hematology services sector of health care and medicine. Certified by the American Board of Medical Oncology and the American Board of Internal Medicine, he has been providing top-of-the-line care for the last 30 years as a physician and medical consultant. His unique experiences have enabled him to develop skills in inpatient and outpatient collaborations with managed care, and to pursue medical directorships in several large independent physician associations in the state of Colorado, as well as in hospital and physician networks. He is highly regarded for his business, health economics and marketing abilities, and for his clinical research in the development of phase I-IV protocols for cancer drugs and medical devices. Further, Dr. Parra has extensive experience in health information technology design, integration and utilization in both the inpatient and outpatient sectors of medicine. In these areas, he has been a recognized leader for the past two decades.

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