Robert Crutchley

At VCE, Robert Crutchley is known as a reliable member of the team who is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure projects are completed properly and in a timely fashion. The company, which provides IT infrastructure manufacturing, relies on Mr. Crutchley to provide support for all pre-sale activities as it pertains to converged infrastructure appliance sales for enterprise environments. Considered an expert in his field, Mr. Crutchley is highly regarded for his prominent skill set in systems software and monitoring, as well as service management. Daily, he is responsible for managing a team of nine solution architects that provides services to customers across Australia and New Zealand. In addition, he manages the training budget for each member of the team while leading the sales team. Successful because of his hard work, tenacity and curiosity, Mr. Crutchley leads by example. When asked about his professional motivation, he explained that he entered his field because of his longstanding interest in technology and gadgets.

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