Sonja Hadorn

hadorn-sonjaA distinguished financial professional with more than nine years of experience, Sonja Hadorn excels as director of KBT Trehand AG Aargau, one of Switzerland’s leading financial services and trust companies providing financial advice, tax advice, and accounting and bookkeeping services. As the founder of the company, Ms. Hadorn demonstrates an expertise in developing young companies and providing services for financial reporting, financial controls, cash flow, and cash management. Daily, she works with international clients, develops new business opportunities, creates business plans and devises leading financial strategies. “The focus of my company is to work with individuals and influencers in all industries. At the end of the day, the goals and objectives of business professionals are the same, regardless of the type of work they are involved with,” she says. Driven by her passion for finance and her extensive knowledge in the industry, Mr. Hadorn has built a reputation of excellence in her career that has led to many achievements, including being named a VIP Member of the Year by Worldwide Branding.

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