Celina Raimundo-Egeberg

For 15 years, Celina Raimundo-Egeberg has provided top-of-the-line income tax services to community members and business professionals in Bethesda, MD. As the co-owner of Federal Hill Income Tax, LLC, she offers expert-level corporate support for the firm, which specializes in the areas of accounting, investments, taxes, personal income, payroll, cash flow, budget analysis and audit representation. In addition to her stellar reputation, Ms. Raimundo-Egeberg is regarded as an excellent communicator who makes tax season easy for hundreds of clients. At her side is her husband, Gene Egeberg, who is the face of the firm and its lead CPA. Together, they have led Federal Hill Income Tax, LLC in becoming the top accounting practice in Baltimore and Bethesda. Ms. Raimundo-Egeberg’s blended expertise in management, accounting and leadership has also led her in achieving recognition as a Top Female Professional by Worldwide Branding.

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