Dan Fraser

Dan Fraser is an operations executive who holds more than three decades of experience in the telecommunications industry. His top attributes as a professional include his adaptability and willingness to remain current with new methodologies, which have been instrumental in leading him to additional opportunities in his field. For the last two years, Mr. Fraser has excelled as the director of operations for Nordia, Inc., the largest provider of customer service solutions in Canada. In his role, he is tasked with overseeing the financial performance of the website and overall team operations. He expertly identifies and manages issues and roadblocks, communicates progress and challenges to the executive board, and ensures that the recruiting funnel is working efficiently at all times. With coursework in architecture and a certification in adult education at the foundation of his skill set, Mr. Fraser gained tremendous insight and techniques in former work experiences. Previously, he served as the director of global accounts at Sykes Enterprises, Inc. for 11 years. While there, he was responsible for one line of business and managed 1,500 agents globally. He was the major point of contact for clients and was also responsible for the finances of the Costa Rica, Manila and Canada sectors.

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