Dorcas Eaves, MD

“When a catastrophic accident occurs, devastation becomes a very real possibility. Miracles take place when critical medical decisions and actions are acted upon in a moment’s notice,” says Dr. Dorcas Eaves, who has been a trauma and urgent care surgeon for more than 35 years. Successful because of her commitment to excellence, honor and integrity, she has dedicated her career to helping as many people as she can in moments of absolute need. From working in private practice to serving in the Reserves and providing medical aid on deployment in Afghanistan, she has embraced a career that has allowed her to make an impact globally. During her time with the United States Army, Dr. Eaves provided comprehensive, high-quality medical care to over 20,000 active-duty soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, family members, and Department of Defense civilians. Today, she is a general surgeon in the state of California, where she provides a range of services, including cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to help others improve their self-esteem. Other noteworthy roles that Dr. Eaves has held during her tenure include medical director, chief of surgery and clinic physician.

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