Michael Koganov, Sc.D., Ph.D.

Over the last 24 years, Dr. Michael Koganov has been a leader in the field of specialty chemicals. With demonstrated expertise in Zeta Fraction technology, he came to prominence because of his astute knowledge of biologically active materials from plants and algae, and the application of these materials in the areas of biotechnology, personal care and pharmacy. Today, Dr. Koganov lends his talents as the vice president of biomaterials for Ashland, where is he tasked with developing and implementing Zeta Fraction technology and products across company businesses. He first became involved with the company after it acquired IBT, an integrated botanical technologies company that Dr. Koganov established years earlier. In recognition of his considerable experience and accomplishments in the areas of physical chemistry and biochemistry of natural products, as well as biotechnology, Dr. Koganov was named a Professional of the Year in Biomaterials by Worldwide Branding. When asked about his professional excellence, he noted that his success has been derived as a result of two of his best qualities: his work ethic and commitment.

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