William D. Reynolds, RN

Early in his career as a member of the military, William Reynolds took a master fitness and combat lifesaver course, which sparked an interest in health care and put him on the path toward a fulfilling career in nursing. Now the unit director and director of dialysis and hemodialysis for St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, Ga., Mr. Reynolds demonstrates an expertise in nephrology that has been developed over the last 32 years. Attributing his success to the work ethic that he learned from his father, he excels in his numerous responsibilities that span clinical, research and administrative duties. On any given day, Mr. Reynolds can be found supervising medical-surgical renal, chemotherapy and stroke nursing, managing contract nurses, or overseeing nurse files and lab equipment. Additionally, he regularly acts as program manager for nursing services staffing, manages nurse subcontractors, precepts for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and educating patients and their families on health care options and plans. In recognition of his professional excellence, Mr. Reynolds earned a meritorious service medal and he was named Professional of the Year in Nursing by Worldwide Branding.

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