Camille Quinton, M.Ed.

Since she was young, Camille Quinton knew that she wanted to dedicate her career to the field of education. Throughout her tenure, she has worked in both instructional and administrative roles for a number of school districts, during which time she began focusing her energies on special education as she felt she had the patience and experience necessary to truly make a difference and impact her students’ lives in a meaningful way. Today, she excels as the director of inclusive learning at Prairie Rose School Division No. 8 in Dunmore, Alberta. “When it comes to students with learning disabilities and who need special education, we like to explore every possibility to make them enjoy school. Inclusion techniques secure the opportunities for students with disabilities to learn alongside their non-disabled peers in general education classrooms,” Ms. Quinton says, adding that she has seen great success in her students when they are around all of the other children. Highly regarded in her community for the work she has been able to accomplish over the last three years, Ms. Quinton feels she has been a success because of her passion and skill. Ms. Quinton demonstrates proficiency in educational leadership, curriculum development, instructional design, educational technology and classroom management.

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