Kari Hogan

Kari Hogan is a chief administrative officer of PPEP, Inc., a nonprofit multiservice organization based in Tucson, AZ, that strives to improve the quality of rural and urban life. More specifically, the organization provides services for those facing economic hardships, microbusiness turmoil, less-than-stellar educational programs, health issues and housing instability. “Everyone deserves to live a good life and it’s our job and our mission to provide services that help to alleviate stresses, turmoil and issues, and put individuals and families on the road to a better life,” Ms. Hogan says, adding that her involvement with the organization began 30 years ago. The most gratifying aspects of her career are being able to provide worthwhile programs with experienced and dedicated staff who give individuals the opportunity to gain needed access to education and career pathways. Making dreams come true is not an easy task; therefore, helping people to overcome obstacles whereby, they are able to become first-time homebuyers, be a first-time graduate, gain needed work skills, or receive training that puts them on a path to sustainability and success is a first step.

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