Roy Glocke

Roy E. Glocke is a recognized expert in business management who brings with him more than 35 years of experience in the microbial culture industry. Mr. Glocke and his son, Bradley J. Glocke, recently established Harmonia Wellness LLC to make the human supplement buying experience as fast, simple and enjoyable as possible. Harmonia Wellness LLC focuses on serving a customer base with high-quality customer service and attention to detail. Harmonia Wellness LLC has also already researched the best products for each functional health area so that their consumers don’t have to search through hundreds of listings to find the human supplement that has already passed Harmonia Wellness LLC’s rigorous standards. Harmonia Wellness LLC has also bundled some of its products into collections so the consumer can enjoy generous discounts. Products are conveniently separated into categories: Probiotics, Brain Health, Heart Health, Vision Health, Antioxidants, Joint + Bone, Performance, Nervous System and Weight. Harmonia Wellness LLC will also be introducing another line of branded health supplements soon. Harmonia Wellness LLC products can be found at and

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