William D. Reynolds, RN

Early in his career as a member of the military, William Reynolds took a master fitness and combat lifesaver course, which sparked an interest in health care and put him on the path toward a fulfilling career in nursing. Now the unit director and director of dialysis and hemodialysis for St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, Ga., Mr. Reynolds demonstrates an expertise in nephrology that has … Continue reading William D. Reynolds, RN

Jeanne Elinor Karison

Dr. Jeanne Elinor Karison has dedicated the last four decades of her career to students pursuing higher education. Driven by a passion for teaching, she began her career at the elementary level. Through a natural progression of opportunities, she took on roles such as director of the teacher-friend program in a local school district, and high school principal in the Murfreesboro school system. “The greatest … Continue reading Jeanne Elinor Karison

Michele A. Whitham, Esq.

Over the last 28 years, Michele A. Whitham has been a legal authority on matters of business, energy and environmental law. An expert litigator, she is the senior partner and owner of Whitham Law, which is located in Boston, Mass. Throughout her career, she has taken on cases regarding intellectual property, international litigation and arbitration, labor and employment, real estate and development, and regulatory and … Continue reading Michele A. Whitham, Esq.

Celina Raimundo-Egeberg

For 15 years, Celina Raimundo-Egeberg has provided top-of-the-line income tax services to community members and business professionals in Bethesda, MD. As the co-owner of Federal Hill Income Tax, LLC, she offers expert-level corporate support for the firm, which specializes in the areas of accounting, investments, taxes, personal income, payroll, cash flow, budget analysis and audit representation. In addition to her stellar reputation, Ms. Raimundo-Egeberg is … Continue reading Celina Raimundo-Egeberg

Dorcas Eaves, MD

“When a catastrophic accident occurs, devastation becomes a very real possibility. Miracles take place when critical medical decisions and actions are acted upon in a moment’s notice,” says Dr. Dorcas Eaves, who has been a trauma and urgent care surgeon for more than 35 years. Successful because of her commitment to excellence, honor and integrity, she has dedicated her career to helping as many people … Continue reading Dorcas Eaves, MD

Richard W. Jenkins

Richard W. Jenkins dedicated his life and career to the protection of the United States. With expertise in telecommunications and computer consulting, he is regarded for his technical excellence in maintaining and operating Armed Forces Radio. He also managed all satellite communications to ensure proper transmittal for defense services. Mr. Jenkins served in Vietnam between 1967 and 1968, and in Korea between 1980 and 1982. … Continue reading Richard W. Jenkins

Dan Fraser

Dan Fraser is an operations executive who holds more than three decades of experience in the telecommunications industry. His top attributes as a professional include his adaptability and willingness to remain current with new methodologies, which have been instrumental in leading him to additional opportunities in his field. For the last two years, Mr. Fraser has excelled as the director of operations for Nordia, Inc., … Continue reading Dan Fraser

Patricia F. Raskob

Patricia F. Raskob once wondered how she could help people to realize and go after their dreams. Her eventual answer was opening Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors, a fee-only life-planning firm that offers assistance in devising business plans for startups, as well as retirement planning and pension design, among other services. Ms. Raskob undertook this endeavor after working on a hospital board. She created the Catholic … Continue reading Patricia F. Raskob