Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens

Sandi Pillsbury has been a professional artist for more than four decades, and she has been teaching art courses for more than three decades for a number of institutions, programs and colleges. Though she is involved with many art organizations in her community and across the country, Ms. Pillsbury is most well-known for her work in the Arrowhead region. She was the chair of the … Continue reading Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens

Edward Joseph Elias

An artist, visionary and spiritual leader, Edward Joseph Elias has dedicated his career to helping, supporting and giving encouragement to others around him. The owner of his own studio, he demonstrates an expertise and uniqueness in the color combinations that he layers to create a visual experience for anyone looking at the art. Many of his pieces are developed using glass mediums, which he discovered … Continue reading Edward Joseph Elias

Ellie A. Blair

With nearly five decades of experience crafting beautiful fine arts, Ellary Blair, or Ellie, as she likes to be called, was recognized for her entrepreneurial endeavors as a Top Female Executive in 2015. Operating her own pottery studio, Ellie Pots Inc., Ellie creates one-of-a-kind artistic vases, bowls, tiles, plates and bottles using crystalline and raku pottery. Her unique style has led her to host workshops … Continue reading Ellie A. Blair

Cheryl Yellowhawk

Ms. Yellowhawk is an artist through and through; she appreciates the beautiful things in life, which inspire her to paint pieces incorporating women and children, landscapes, flowers, and still lifes. Known for her New Mexico landscapes, Florida sunsets, fruits and flowers, and mother-and-child portraits, Ms. Yellowhawk is currently working on a huge body of work, comprised of women from different backgrounds and nationalities. While living … Continue reading Cheryl Yellowhawk