Lucas L. Denn

In the banking industry, it is important for companies to entrust private placement services as it pertains to finance, fundraising, and asset management. For 15 years, Lucas Denn has been a regarded professional in this field as the director and trustee of Catues International Company Trust. “Private placements are a vehicle for raising capital through sale of securities in nonpublic offerings that are exempt from … Continue reading Lucas L. Denn

Richard Ventura

Recently named a 2015 VIP of the Year, this recognition highlights Richard Ventura’s exceptional career in banking. For nearly a decade he has served as vice president of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. Incorporating intelligence and interpersonal skills, Mr. Ventura sees the big picture when it comes to business management and possesses the knowledge to make businesses successful. Collaborating on the development of … Continue reading Richard Ventura

Rudi Deruytter

Rudi Deruytter has nurtured a 31-year career in the finance industry and currently serves as the successful CEO of CKV Bank, a Belgium-based bank that provides numerous financial services. Proficient in all things banking and finance, Mr. Deruytter manages the daily operations of the bank, which plays an important role in the market of traditional savings and investment products for individuals in Belgium. A true … Continue reading Rudi Deruytter

Cathryn Carver

Cathryn Carver has spent the past decade in key roles with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ). She joined the company in 2005 as the Global Head of Corporate Finance. She has since advanced steadily within ANZ,  and currently sits on the leadership team of the International and Institutional Banking Division, where she holds the position of Senior Managing Director of International and … Continue reading Cathryn Carver