Camille Quinton, M.Ed.

Since she was young, Camille Quinton knew that she wanted to dedicate her career to the field of education. Throughout her tenure, she has worked in both instructional and administrative roles for a number of school districts, during which time she began focusing her energies on special education as she felt she had the patience and experience necessary to truly make a difference and impact … Continue reading Camille Quinton, M.Ed.

Jeanne Elinor Karison

Dr. Jeanne Elinor Karison has dedicated the last four decades of her career to students pursuing higher education. Driven by a passion for teaching, she began her career at the elementary level. Through a natural progression of opportunities, she took on roles such as director of the teacher-friend program in a local school district, and high school principal in the Murfreesboro school system. “The greatest … Continue reading Jeanne Elinor Karison

Sarah Smith Malino

A professor of history and educator for 36 years, Dr. Sarah Malino concluded her career at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C. Passionate about her country’s heritage, she demonstrates an expertise in 19th century history, with a specialization in the history of race, class, gender and ethnicity in the United States. She also maintained significant interest in economic and business history, labor history, gender history, and foreign … Continue reading Sarah Smith Malino

Ella Ruggles

Ella Ruggles has always had a passion for educating and helping others. Her goal is, and has always been, to enable students to follow their respective paths efficiently and effectively. As a video technology program coordinator for Pellissippi State Community College, Ms. Ruggles is able to do just that. Inspired and driven forward by her students, Ms. Ruggles takes pride in being there to help them … Continue reading Ella Ruggles

Elizabeth Honig

Having started her very first business when she was only 12 years old, Elizabeth Honig has enjoyed a long, successful career. Currently, she is the director of Computer Insight Learning Center™, an information technology learning facility based in the state of New Jersey. One of the largest training facilities in the state, CILC provides quality training and education pertaining to computer software and other related … Continue reading Elizabeth Honig

Dr. Marlaina Palmeri

Dr. Marlaina Palmeri has nurtured an impressive 46-year career within the field of education, and has been effectively serving as the president and chief education officer of Believe To Achieve International LLC for just over two years. Since establishing the education management organization in July 2013, Dr. Palmeri has been responsible for the accountability and compliance to state departments of education and charter school authorizers. … Continue reading Dr. Marlaina Palmeri

Fiona E. Davis

Drawing on an impressive 32 years of experience, Fiona E. Davis efficiently serves as an education consultant for the Victoria Police’s People Development Command. Her day-to-day responsibilities include designing, implementing and assessing programs for police recruits, detectives, crime scene officers and prosecutors, as well as ensuring that all training programs are compliant with national standards. Ms. Davis also conducts continuous improvement audits and course evaluations, … Continue reading Fiona E. Davis

Douglas Reginald Hinchliffe, Ph.D., CPT

Dr. Douglas Reginald Hinchliffe serves as the dean, CEO, adjunct professor and principal executive officer of King’s Own Institute, a tertiary-level educational institution that offers students accredited diploma and degree courses in numerous areas of  business. Its main mission is to provide students with a nurturing atmosphere that promotes growth and enables them to excel in the workforce. Dr. Hinchliffe has dedicated his life to … Continue reading Douglas Reginald Hinchliffe, Ph.D., CPT

Gloria Ann Stillman

Gloria Stillman possesses more than two decades of experience within the field of education, as well as a Ph.D. from the University of Queensland, to effectively serve as the deputy head of education for Victoria and the head of education for Ballarat at Australian Catholic University. Proficient in mathematics education and research, Dr. Stillman teaches the subject to primary and early childhood students. Motivated by … Continue reading Gloria Ann Stillman