Ozzie Areu

As president of Tyler Perry Studios, Ozzie Areu plays an integral role in the work of an extremely talented writer, director, producer, creator and actor. He works diligently beside Mr. Perry to oversee all aspects of the studio, including business management, operations, feature films, television shows, stage play productions and new business projects. Mr. Areu leads the way to maintain the Tyler Perry Studios vision, … Continue reading Ozzie Areu

Michael J. Krantz

Michael J. Krantz serves as the CEO and chair of the board of directors of Adventureland Park, a renowned all-in-one amusement park, water park and hotel. Based in the state of Iowa, Adventureland Park contains more than 100 rides, shows and attractions, including thrilling roller coasters and children’s rides, as well as year-round indoor pools and arcades, and a seasonal campground facility. In his role, … Continue reading Michael J. Krantz