C. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D.

A practitioner of holistic medicine, Dr. C. Norman Shealy has been offering pain relief and wellness services utilizing alternative methods for the last five decades. At his private practice in Springfield, Mo., he treats patients facing chronic pain utilizing safe and effective programs including Biogenics, which works to reduce inflammation and relieve physical and generalized aches and pains. Because chronic pain can often lead to … Continue reading C. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D.

Dianna Louise Buehler

For Dianna Buehler and the team of consultants with whom she works at Immunotec, life is about celebrating health and wellness. Recognized by researchers and medical professionals worldwide, Immunotec sets the standards for effective health products that produce consistent results. “While the health and wellness industry is growing by leaps and bounds, Immunotec has always been in a class of its own,” Ms. Buehler says, … Continue reading Dianna Louise Buehler

Bassel Haidar

A technology guru and health professional committed to helping others achieve wellness despite their current health challenges, Bassel Haidar utilizes evidence-based tools to support practitioners in the assessment, interpretation and recommendation of integrative protocols for patients. “By looking at someone’s health in different layers, we are able to build a comprehensive view of who they are today. Then, we can tackle the fundamental tenants of aging … Continue reading Bassel Haidar

Linda Miller

A 1.5-year-old company, IDLife, LLC, was founded on the principles that quality products would be supplied to help people with weight management, skin care and children’s needs. These individually designed nutritional products and programs were created to change people’s lives for the better. The company’s products have helped people increase their energy, lose weight, boost their metabolisms and ultimately achieve better health, and have specifically … Continue reading Linda Miller

Sullivan Brown Sr.

A retired high school teacher, Mr. Brown continues to enrich and improve people’s lives as a global ambassador for Shaklee Corporation. He is dedicated to bringing quality products to consumers through the company, which offers a wide variety of quality, eco-friendly products, including nutritional, skin, beauty, anti-aging and weight management supplements, as well as biodegradable home and cleaning products, nontoxic cleaning products, and gluten-free energy … Continue reading Sullivan Brown Sr.

Ross Cox

A true health and wealth aficionado, Ross A. Cox has begun working with a new company, called Zija International. Though it is a small company, Zija International’s founder, Ken Braisford, plans to double its size within the year. Zija International sells a number of health and wellness products, including weight management solutions, liquid nutritionals, energy and performance products, and skin care products. Recently, Zija International … Continue reading Ross Cox

Paul McAneny

Noted for his keen ability to understand what people want and meet their needs, Paul McAneny serves as a health and wealth coach with Isagenix International, LLC. In this capacity, Mr. McAneny teaches and trains leaders within the company and assists people in obtaining financial freedom through the business. He meets with three to four people each day, and takes the time to listen to … Continue reading Paul McAneny