Kristina Schneider-Irudayam

Kristina Schneider-Irudayam is passionate about both IT consulting and female entrepreneurship. Over the past 25 years she has developed her skills in a number of areas, including logistics, business process analysis, and project management. In November 2014, Kristina assumed the role of senior application manager for the major telecommunications company, Swisscom. She now works exclusively with in-house clients regarding logistics, IT consulting and business process … Continue reading Kristina Schneider-Irudayam

Mats Bengtsson

Mats Bengtsson has been a member of the information technology industry for more than three decades. Over the course of his career, he has honed his expertise in the areas of IT operations management, customer relations, change leadership, IT outsourcing, and lean implementation. Mats joined leading IT provider, B3IT, in September 2014 as a senior consultant. His role primarily entails supporting customers in sourcing questions … Continue reading Mats Bengtsson

Claudine Adams

Claudine Adams serves as the driving force behind Bravura Inc., a newly formed IT company specializing in enterprise architecture, computer engineering services, and network operations. Ms. Adams shares that the company is actively seeking to expand its presence in the Department of Defense and intelligence community. She is currently looking into the federal space, and is particularly interested in small business contracts with woman-owned companies … Continue reading Claudine Adams

John Grant

As managing director of Data#3, John Grant plays an integral role in taking a successful product-centric IT company and transforming it into a continually successful service-centric company. He is a skilled leader and collaborator who helps guide Data#3 as it finds its way in a rapidly changing IT market. Mr. Grant is trusted to oversee all operations of the company, which provides innovative technology solutions … Continue reading John Grant