Michele A. Whitham, Esq.

Over the last 28 years, Michele A. Whitham has been a legal authority on matters of business, energy and environmental law. An expert litigator, she is the senior partner and owner of Whitham Law, which is located in Boston, Mass. Throughout her career, she has taken on cases regarding intellectual property, international litigation and arbitration, labor and employment, real estate and development, and regulatory and … Continue reading Michele A. Whitham, Esq.

Robert B. Evans III

At Evans Law in Metairie, La., clients can expect top-of-the-line commercial litigation services, as well as quality representation in matters of personal injury, real estate litigation and general law. At the helm of the firm is Robert Evans, who has enjoyed over 22 years of success in the field of law. Attributing his success to his passion for providing fair legal services and achieving justice, he … Continue reading Robert B. Evans III

Suzanne B. Quinn, JD, BA

Suzanne B. Quinn practiced as a sole practitioner for over sixteen years before taking the helm as Managing Partner at HQ Law. Originally from Toronto, she graduated from St. Michael’s College, at the University of Toronto, with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Labour Management Relations. Ms. Quinn obtained her juris doctor degree at the State University of New York at Buffalo Law School. … Continue reading Suzanne B. Quinn, JD, BA

Carl J. Pernicone

Surrounded by a family of attorneys, it was a natural choice for Carl Pernicone to go into the field of law. Now with more than three decades of experience, he has built a successful career and has been noted for achieving clients’ goals, winning cases, and publishing several respected papers. Mr. Pernicone currently serves as the co-chair of Wilson Elser’s insurance-reinsurance coverage practice. He utilizes … Continue reading Carl J. Pernicone

Michelle M. Oldroyd, Esq.

Passionate about making a difference, Michelle Oldroyd chose two professional lines of work that allow her to do just that. As the Director of the Utah Commission on Civic and Character Education for the office of the Lieutenant Governor, she works toward bridging a private and public gap to leverage governmental resources and combine them with private partnerships to bring the highest-caliber civics curriculum to … Continue reading Michelle M. Oldroyd, Esq.

Thomas W. Bertz

Thomas W. Bertz is a retired attorney who, for 51 years, served as a personal injury advocate in the courtroom and a compassionate professional in his interactions with his clients. Before concluding his career as a partner of Anderson O’Brien Law Firm in Stevens Point, Wis., he successfully represented victims in products liability cases against some of the largest manufacturers in the United States. He … Continue reading Thomas W. Bertz

Glenn H. Schlabs

Motivated by the pride he holds for his profession, Glenn H. Schlabs continues to provide exemplary service in labor and employment law through his position with Sherman & Howard, L.L.C. On a daily basis, he is responsible for overseeing business operations and ensuring that his clients receive the support they need. Mr. Schlabs attributes his success in these endeavors to his deep interest in his … Continue reading Glenn H. Schlabs

John Cushing

John Cushing is an award-winning attorney who has been serving the Chicagoland area for the last 38 years. He focuses his practice on personal injury law, including wrongful death, automobile accidents, table saw injuries, premises liability, products liability, construction negligence, medical malpractice and workers’ compensation. Understanding the tremendous impact that these injuries have on the everyday lives of his clients, he takes a compassionate approach … Continue reading John Cushing

J. Kent Lowry

As a personal injury attorney, J. Kent Lowry understands how important it is for clients to obtain representation from a compassionate and headstrong leader in the courtroom. “Many times those who are victims of injuries due to the negligence of another person can experience life-altering changes that impact every moment and decision of the rest of their lives — they need someone to fight for … Continue reading J. Kent Lowry