Ray Gibbs

Known for his keen ability to execute a plan, Ray Gibbs assesses the strategic positions of Haydale Graphene Industries PLC in his role as the CEO. In this capacity, Mr. Gibbs looks to commercialize grapheme, or carbon molecules in the form of hollow spheres bonded in sheet form at one atom thick. To put it simply, graphene is mechanically 200 times stronger than steel, has … Continue reading Ray Gibbs

Nilesh Lal

An expert in contract negotiations and engineering design, Nilesh Lal, PEng(UK) oversees engineering operations, facilities management and compliance for multiple hospitals within the Alameda Health System. A public health care provider and medical training institution, Alameda Health System provides a world-class system of health care centered around patients and families. Comprised of specialized diagnosis and treatment centers, the system provides adult and pediatric care, dental … Continue reading Nilesh Lal