Rick Gerbrecht

A fully owned subsidiary of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH of Bremen, Germany, Atlas Elektronik Canada Ltd serves the Canadian market from its location near the Royal Canadian Navy’s pacific fleet. The company focuses on command and control, sonar and unmatched vehicles, and is capable of providing all ATLAS products and services, including maritime security and submarine and surface combatant systems, torpedo and sonar technology, unmanned vehicles, … Continue reading Rick Gerbrecht

Robert Findlay

Robert Findlay is the owner and operator of Findlay’s Shipwrights, a sole proprietorship that specializes in the construction of sailing ships and motorsailers. He established the company upon his retirement from the telecommunications industry, following his dreams of forming a company that would erect boats to carry cargo and people around the world. Mr. Findlay is also a professional navigation educator who is enthusiastic about … Continue reading Robert Findlay

Per Schaanning

Per Schaanning possesses more than 35 years of professional experience, during which time he has honed his expertise in maritime operations, marine engineering, shipbuilding, international trade, and supply chain management. He has also cultivated his skills in sales and marketing. In December 2002, Mr. Schaanning applied his experience and talents to establish Trustper AS. The company has since formed a stellar reputation for steel preservation … Continue reading Per Schaanning

Maurizio Eliseo

Mr. Eliseo’s boyhood love of ships ultimately led him to a successful and busy career. Today, he is heavily involved in three different companies: Thalia SaS, Carmania Press and Omikron. Mr. Eliseo is the owner of Thalia SaS, a trusted provider of technical consulting services in the design, building and management of cruise ships to leading shipping companies worldwide. He utilizes more than three decades … Continue reading Maurizio Eliseo