Georgia Sotiropoulos

Resilient and persistent, Georgia Sotiropoulos has spent the past 25 years growing in the field of retail. She initially became involved in her profession because of her educational background in marketing; she earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from the University of New South Wales, and she wanted to be a fashion buyer. Ms. Sotiropoulos trained for the role, and ended up serving as … Continue reading Georgia Sotiropoulos

Djombi “John” Kop

A senior manager with three decades of experience in the supermarket and retail industries, Mr. Kop has proven success in both the independent retail channel and with large multinational retail chains. His key competencies are demonstrated in strategic planning, supply chain management, marketing, store development and asset improvement. Following his experiences developing retail food businesses domestically, Mr. Kop took on a role with IBA Retail … Continue reading Djombi “John” Kop