Thomas Burke

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world’s first full-service semiconductor foundry with a truly global manufacturing and technology footprint. Its vision is to reshape the semiconductor industry through collaboration and innovation ( As the senior manager and deputy director of electrical systems, Thomas Burke is responsible for overseeing the operations of electrical facilities, enabling him to use his 30-plus years of experience in leading the operations of large … Continue reading Thomas Burke

Thomas J. Cox

By developing the right software and the right people, Teknavo designs and executes technology strategies that result in permanent growth. At the helm of the company’s operations is Thomas Cox, who has extensive senior executive experience leading complex global companies, as well as small- to medium-sized organizations. As chief operating officer, he is involved with defining the services that the company offers, which include designing … Continue reading Thomas J. Cox

John H. Tilley

Having led a fulfilling, 46-year career in the field of technology, John H. Tilley retired from his role as assistant vice president of business development for Hughes Network Systems LLC’s Director Satellite Division. There, he utilized his profound expertise in systems engineering management to oversee high-technology engineering equipment and total communication systems. He was also responsible for designing and building total communication systems, and leading … Continue reading John H. Tilley

Kerry Dawson

A true technology buff, Kerry Dawson spends his days writing and editing content on his sites, Daily Mac View and The Mac View. His articles offer the latest on all things Apple Inc., including Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and even the iOS operating system. Proficient in information technology, writing and working with others, Mr. Dawson not only writes, but also consults for various small and … Continue reading Kerry Dawson

Antony Sheen

Kind, funny and easy to talk to, Antony Sheen stands out from the crowd in his role as the managing director of Altech Computers Corporation Pty Ltd. A computer components and pre-built systems distributor, Altech provides a wide array of technological products and solutions, including cables, connectors, data storage, desktops, digital cameras and photos frames, and motherboards. Additionally, the company provides fans and cooling boards, … Continue reading Antony Sheen