Faith Robinson

Faith Robinson has met with success in her career by working hard to offer reliable and high-quality supply chain services within the pharmaceutical industry. In doing so, she has been able to achieve an executive role with Midas Pharmaceuticals, a global pharmaceutical company that sources, supplies and develops drugs, and connects companies, people and knowledge. As the senior vice president of the organization, Ms. Robinson … Continue reading Faith Robinson

Ameer A. Ispahani

Named a Professional of the Year in Construction in 2015, Ameer A. Ispahani demonstrates top services as the president of Aerial Tech Plus, Inc. Based in Brampton, Ontario, he offers an exceptional customer experience for his clients, who seek his expertise for services on hydraulic equipment, particularly for construction rentals. He also offers aerial work platform repairs, maintenance and certification, telescopic boom repairs, and scissor … Continue reading Ameer A. Ispahani

Mark Chapman

With expertise in all areas of telecommunications, Mark Chapman has been excelling for the last two years as the director of business and enterprise mobility for Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company, which builds and operates telecommunications networks, and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services. Throughout his career, Mr. Chapman has amassed more than 19 years of … Continue reading Mark Chapman

C. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D.

A practitioner of holistic medicine, Dr. C. Norman Shealy has been offering pain relief and wellness services utilizing alternative methods for the last five decades. At his private practice in Springfield, Mo., he treats patients facing chronic pain utilizing safe and effective programs including Biogenics, which works to reduce inflammation and relieve physical and generalized aches and pains. Because chronic pain can often lead to … Continue reading C. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D.

Curtiss M. Scott Jr.

The president and chief information officer of Todd Asset Management, Curtiss Scott is highly regarded for experienced, performance-driven management as it pertains to wealth and finance. He demonstrates an expertise in equity investments and intrinsic value discipline derived from his 37 years of combined experience. “It is invaluably important to respect every part of your work and to always think of your clients first,” Mr. … Continue reading Curtiss M. Scott Jr.

Debbie M. Schaum

Debbie M. Schaum is a professional in the field of aviation sciences known for opening the door for other women to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Today, she is the associate chair of applied aviation sciences at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where she oversees four majors in the department, including commercial space operations, air traffic management, aerospace, and occupational safety and meteorology. Ms. Schaum has worked … Continue reading Debbie M. Schaum

Raymond Ryu

Raymond Ryu has a decade of experience in the medical device manufacturing industry, and is proficient in all areas of software and insurance. Today, he utilizes his expertise in his role as the CEO of Dexcowin, the first company in America to spearhead the concept of the battery-powered, handheld X-ray for the dental industry. As the organization’s fearless leader, Mr. Ryu plays a significant role … Continue reading Raymond Ryu

Michael Koganov, Sc.D., Ph.D.

Over the last 24 years, Dr. Michael Koganov has been a leader in the field of specialty chemicals. With demonstrated expertise in Zeta Fraction technology, he came to prominence because of his astute knowledge of biologically active materials from plants and algae, and the application of these materials in the areas of biotechnology, personal care and pharmacy. Today, Dr. Koganov lends his talents as the … Continue reading Michael Koganov, Sc.D., Ph.D.

Sally A. Larrabee, MBA, MS, BBA, SHRM-SCP, CHRS HR

Sally A. Larrabee is a health and safety manager for PCO Division II, Inc., a manufacturing and refining company that specializes in the industrial automation and process control industries. She brings with her more than three decades of combined experience, during which time she has established her expertise in safety training and human resources. She entered the field of manufacturing nine years ago after having … Continue reading Sally A. Larrabee, MBA, MS, BBA, SHRM-SCP, CHRS HR