Celina Raimundo-Egeberg

For 15 years, Celina Raimundo-Egeberg has provided top-of-the-line income tax services to community members and business professionals in Bethesda, MD. As the co-owner of Federal Hill Income Tax, LLC, she offers expert-level corporate support for the firm, which specializes in the areas of accounting, investments, taxes, personal income, payroll, cash flow, budget analysis and audit representation. In addition to her stellar reputation, Ms. Raimundo-Egeberg is … Continue reading Celina Raimundo-Egeberg

Sonja Hadorn

A distinguished financial professional with more than nine years of experience, Sonja Hadorn excels as director of KBT Trehand AG Aargau, one of Switzerland’s leading financial services and trust companies providing financial advice, tax advice, and accounting and bookkeeping services. As the founder of the company, Ms. Hadorn demonstrates an expertise in developing young companies and providing services for financial reporting, financial controls, cash flow, and … Continue reading Sonja Hadorn

Ronald C. Tockman, CPA

Ronald C. Tockman has offered excellent tax planning and preparation, and public accounting services for more than four decades. His firm, the eponymous Ronald C. Tockman Certified Public Accountant, was established in 1975, and is based in Stoughton, Mass. It primarily focuses on assisting individuals and small businesses with their finances. Through his accounting firm, Mr. Tockman is able to assist both individuals and business … Continue reading Ronald C. Tockman, CPA

Brett Naidoo

When Brett Naidoo was younger, he was impressed by the popular Coca-Cola brand. His curiosity for what made the soft drink company so accessible and successful inspired him to pursue a career in the beverage industry himself. He built the foundation for his career by earning a Bachelor of Accounting, an MBA and a postgraduate diploma in accounting. His determination also led him to receive … Continue reading Brett Naidoo

Daniel Correa

As the president and CEO of C2 Group Inc., Daniel W. Correa utilizes his expertise in accounting, financial consulting and management in order to provide the highest quality of services for his clients. A financial and business boutique, C2 Group Inc. provides financial assistance and consulting, with a specific focus on turnarounds and valuations, as well as the design and implementation of both financial and … Continue reading Daniel Correa

Michelle R. Ferguson

A certified public accountant, Michelle Ferguson has nurtured an illustrious career that spans more than three decades in the field of finance and general management. She has worked for McGraw Hill Financial Inc. in various, progressive positions since 1983. In November 2014, Ms. Ferguson assumed the role of senior vice president of global workplace strategies and services. She is primarily responsible for leading an international … Continue reading Michelle R. Ferguson

Ruth E. Salvisberg

Truly passionate about all things finance, Ruth E. Salvisberg paved a clear path to a career in the field. In 1992, Ms. Salvisberg earned a master’s degree in economics, finance, audits and trusts at the Universität St.Gallen, Hochschule für Wirtschafts, Rechts und Sozialwissenschaften. Determined to consistently learn and remain abreast of the field’s goings-on, she graduated from the University of St. Gallen with an executive … Continue reading Ruth E. Salvisberg

Michael Blakney

Mr. Blakney is a proactive business partner and skilled financial manager with expertise in accounting and working capital management. Since 2011, he has served as manager of the financial planning and analysis division of Dental Images Technologies Corporation, formally known as Imaging Sciences International, LLC. Mr. Blakney is trusted to oversee the forecasting process and resolve operational accounting issues for the company, which is a … Continue reading Michael Blakney