Georg Hafner

A global investor with expertise in asset and portfolio management, risk analysis, and retirement planning, Dr. Georg Hafner has acrrued more than 15 years of professional experience. After beginning his career with Credit Suisse in management training, he continued to grow professionally, working as the chief of portfolio management of the subsidiaries of Credit Suisse, where he managed more than 1.5 billion AUM. In 2005, … Continue reading Georg Hafner

Lucas L. Denn

In the banking industry, it is important for companies to entrust private placement services as it pertains to finance, fundraising, and asset management. For 15 years, Lucas Denn has been a regarded professional in this field as the director and trustee of Catues International Company Trust. “Private placements are a vehicle for raising capital through sale of securities in nonpublic offerings that are exempt from … Continue reading Lucas L. Denn

Djombi “John” Kop

A senior manager with three decades of experience in the supermarket and retail industries, Mr. Kop has proven success in both the independent retail channel and with large multinational retail chains. His key competencies are demonstrated in strategic planning, supply chain management, marketing, store development and asset improvement. Following his experiences developing retail food businesses domestically, Mr. Kop took on a role with IBA Retail … Continue reading Djombi “John” Kop