Kerry Dawson

A true technology buff, Kerry Dawson spends his days writing and editing content on his sites, Daily Mac View and The Mac View. His articles offer the latest on all things Apple Inc., including Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and even the iOS operating system. Proficient in information technology, writing and working with others, Mr. Dawson not only writes, but also consults for various small and … Continue reading Kerry Dawson

Ruth Anne Caukwell

Ruth Anne Caukwell holds diplomas in proofreading and editing, journalism, commercial art, and writing. She earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood teaching and learning, as well as a bachelor’s degree in modern Asian studies from Griffith University. A profoundly educated and extremely passionate individual, Ms. Caukwell is a teacher, author, inspirational writer, blogger, proofreader and editor. Her blog, RuAnCa, serves as an Internet space for … Continue reading Ruth Anne Caukwell