Michele A. Whitham, Esq.

Over the last 28 years, Michele A. Whitham has been a legal authority on matters of business, energy and environmental law. An expert litigator, she is the senior partner and owner of Whitham Law, which is located in Boston, Mass. Throughout her career, she has taken on cases regarding intellectual property, international litigation and arbitration, labor and employment, real estate and development, and regulatory and … Continue reading Michele A. Whitham, Esq.

Glenn H. Schlabs

Motivated by the pride he holds for his profession, Glenn H. Schlabs continues to provide exemplary service in labor and employment law through his position with Sherman & Howard, L.L.C. On a daily basis, he is responsible for overseeing business operations and ensuring that his clients receive the support they need. Mr. Schlabs attributes his success in these endeavors to his deep interest in his … Continue reading Glenn H. Schlabs

Robert L. Clarkson

Robert L. Clarkson has 35 years of invaluable experience under his belt, which has enabled him to armed him with a palette of expertise that includes large-scale, complex litigation and trials. As an attorney with Clarkson Riley Rubin, LLP, Mr. Clarkson is responsible for overseeing the firm’s complex business litigation matters. A trusted law firm based in Los Angeles, Clarkson Riley Rubin specializes in all … Continue reading Robert L. Clarkson

Mark A. Lester, Esq.

With more than 35 years of invaluable contributions to the field, Mark A. Lester, Esq., has achieved professional success as a renowned attorney for Jones & Lester, LLP. Having served Los Angeles and Ventura for more than 40 years, Jones & Lester provides high-quality legal representation in a number of areas, including corporate and business law, business litigation, and public agency law, among others. A … Continue reading Mark A. Lester, Esq.

Allan Drake-Brockman

As an employment and industrial relations lawyer, Allan Drake-Brockman is passionate about assisting in the development of Perth and Western Australia. He is able to accomplish this through his role as partner of DLA Piper Australia, a major full-service business law firm. Mr. Drake-Brockman serves as the lead industrial relations advisor to a large number of mining, resource and energy projects in Australia. He is … Continue reading Allan Drake-Brockman