Jason Cole

With a total of 20 years of industry experience, Jason Cole initially began his career in the areas of steam fitting and pipe fitting. He worked for other companies for approximately 15 years before becoming the president of TurnAround & Project Solutions Inc. A business solutions company, TurnAround & Project Solutions Inc. provides business turnaround services for companies within the oil and gas industries that … Continue reading Jason Cole

Daniel Correa

As the president and CEO of C2 Group Inc., Daniel W. Correa utilizes his expertise in accounting, financial consulting and management in order to provide the highest quality of services for his clients. A financial and business boutique, C2 Group Inc. provides financial assistance and consulting, with a specific focus on turnarounds and valuations, as well as the design and implementation of both financial and … Continue reading Daniel Correa

Ross Cox

A true health and wealth aficionado, Ross A. Cox has begun working with a new company, called Zija International. Though it is a small company, Zija International’s founder, Ken Braisford, plans to double its size within the year. Zija International sells a number of health and wellness products, including weight management solutions, liquid nutritionals, energy and performance products, and skin care products. Recently, Zija International … Continue reading Ross Cox

Paul McAneny

Noted for his keen ability to understand what people want and meet their needs, Paul McAneny serves as a health and wealth coach with Isagenix International, LLC. In this capacity, Mr. McAneny teaches and trains leaders within the company and assists people in obtaining financial freedom through the business. He meets with three to four people each day, and takes the time to listen to … Continue reading Paul McAneny

Douglas Reginald Hinchliffe, Ph.D., CPT

Dr. Douglas Reginald Hinchliffe serves as the dean, CEO, adjunct professor and principal executive officer of King’s Own Institute, a tertiary-level educational institution that offers students accredited diploma and degree courses in numerous areas of  business. Its main mission is to provide students with a nurturing atmosphere that promotes growth and enables them to excel in the workforce. Dr. Hinchliffe has dedicated his life to … Continue reading Douglas Reginald Hinchliffe, Ph.D., CPT

Karin O’Connor

Karin Börjesson O’Connor is an extremely driven professional who believes in one’s ability to create his or her own future. An expert in change processes and brand strategy, she specializes in working with brands that require change and need to take the next step. Karin has handled more than 50 change processes globally over the course of her career. She works closely with her clients … Continue reading Karin O’Connor