E. Thomas Arne Jr., DO, FACC

An award-winning physician, Dr. E. Thomas Arne Jr. has been serving patients in areas of internal medicine, preventative medicine and continued cardiovascular care for more than 22 years. He is board certified in cardiovascular disease and he is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology. His extensive training has earned him ranking among the most experienced cardiologists in heart failure management in the Sarasota, … Continue reading E. Thomas Arne Jr., DO, FACC

Marcia Louisa Goodman, Ph.D.

Over a career that has spanned five decades, Marcia Goodman has always maintained a positive attitude, insisting that no obstacle is too large or too unwieldy to overcome. Known for having a light-hearted personality and jovial spirit, she approaches nearly every situation with optimism, ready to tackle any challenges that come her way. With so many years in nursing to her credit, as well as … Continue reading Marcia Louisa Goodman, Ph.D.

Juan C. Alejos

For the past 18 years, Juan C. Alejos has been serving as the director of pediatric heart transplantation at the University of California, Los Angeles. Since joining the staff at the university, he has established himself as an integral member of its medical department. An expert in the area of heart transplantation, he is responsible for overseeing the medical care of cardiac patients, as well … Continue reading Juan C. Alejos

Marcia Goodman

Over the past five decades, Marcia Louisa Goodman, Ph.D., has devoted herself to what some might consider an odd combination: health care and the theater arts. Most known for the passion with which she approaches everything she does, Ms. Goodman’s friendly, humorous and compassionate personality has been key in all of her endeavors. Dr. Goodman is a medical resident at Knox Medical Practice. She formerly … Continue reading Marcia Goodman