William F. Mulkey

William F. Mulkey serves as a the building and transportation director for the city of Warner Robins within the state of Georgia. An extremely active city, Warner Robins offers a multitude of activities and things to do that are unique to the state. Mr. Mulkey’s responsibilities include overseeing building and transactions, including building enforcement and traffic signals, reviewing and approving all building plans for the … Continue reading William F. Mulkey

Lucille D. Johnson

Humble, talented and extremely compassionate, Lucille D. Johnson has a true love for working with people within the nonprofit sector. She utilizes her expertise in social work, family services and child welfare to serve as the director of family services for the Bristol Bay Native Association. In this capacity, Ms. Johnson administers programs for children, families and elders in order to support the organization’s mission. … Continue reading Lucille D. Johnson

Rob MacKay

The Queens Economic Development Corporation, or QEDC, is a nonprofit corporation that focuses on the creation and retention of jobs through programming that expands neighborhoods, assists small businesses, and promotes tourism and business development. Since its inception in 1977, QEDC has been funded by the New York City Department of Small Business Services, the New York State Department of  Economic Development and the Small Business … Continue reading Rob MacKay