Raymond Ryu

Raymond Ryu has a decade of experience in the medical device manufacturing industry, and is proficient in all areas of software and insurance. Today, he utilizes his expertise in his role as the CEO of Dexcowin, the first company in America to spearhead the concept of the battery-powered, handheld X-ray for the dental industry. As the organization’s fearless leader, Mr. Ryu plays a significant role … Continue reading Raymond Ryu

Cyril Chaput

Cyril Chaput has achieved success throughout his 15-year career by keeping one thing in mind: one cannot be successful without being hands-on. “I am a very curious person by nature, so [in] any project I undertake, I am committed to becoming as knowledgeable as possible,” he says, adding that his curiosity led him to understanding the biotechnology, medical device, compliance and regulatory services, pharmaceutical and … Continue reading Cyril Chaput

Nilesh Lal

An expert in contract negotiations and engineering design, Nilesh Lal, PEng(UK) oversees engineering operations, facilities management and compliance for multiple hospitals within the Alameda Health System. A public health care provider and medical training institution, Alameda Health System provides a world-class system of health care centered around patients and families. Comprised of specialized diagnosis and treatment centers, the system provides adult and pediatric care, dental … Continue reading Nilesh Lal

Scott Fulton

Scott B. Fulton serves as the director of North American operations for Joseph Campione, Inc. Established in 1960, Joseph Campione is a distributor of traditional old-world, European-style, premium Italian baked goods, including bread sticks, pizza toast, cheese breads, dinner rolls, garlic bread and Texas toast. In his current capacity, Mr. Fulton is responsible for managing employees and the operations of all facilities, as well as … Continue reading Scott Fulton

Rudi Deruytter

Rudi Deruytter has nurtured a 31-year career in the finance industry and currently serves as the successful CEO of CKV Bank, a Belgium-based bank that provides numerous financial services. Proficient in all things banking and finance, Mr. Deruytter manages the daily operations of the bank, which plays an important role in the market of traditional savings and investment products for individuals in Belgium. A true … Continue reading Rudi Deruytter