L. Mike Verney

A leading immunohistochemistry technology sales and manufacturing company, Biocare Medical offers a significant and innovative range of biotechnology and immunohistochemistry products and services to its customers. As a consultant and international sales manager for Asia-Pacific, L. Mike Verney mentors and advises a panel of motivated distributors representing Biocare with the goal of increasing the sales volume of the company products across Asia, Canada, Africa and the Pacific region. He meets with directors … Continue reading L. Mike Verney

Debra Maloney

Debra Maloney is an acclaimed author, speaker and consultant in the area of gluten-free gourmet cooking. Having been diagnosed with coeliac disease herself, she is a strong believer that those in similar situations should never have to sacrifice flavor in their diets. Debra has traveled worldwide completing cooking lessons and communicating with locals in order to educate herself on new flavors, techniques and ingredients. She … Continue reading Debra Maloney

Dieter Grau

Dieter Grau is a consultant who specializes in intercultural communications and management training. He works closely with companies and organizations regarding business etiquette and cultural differences around the world, with a focus on Africa, the Middle East and China. Mr. Grau works primarily with clients in Germany and Europe, though he accepts clients worldwide who are interested in conducting business internationally. His work is supported … Continue reading Dieter Grau

Cheryl Wilkinson

Retired from the U.S. Army after 23 years of service in 2009, Cheryl J. Wilkinson founded Transitional Assistance, Inc., due to her own experiences transitioning back into civilian life. She is proud to oversee all operations of her nonprofit organization, as well as serve as a consultant to veterans. Her areas of expertise include human resources, project planning and organization. Ms. Wilkinson earned a bachelor’s … Continue reading Cheryl Wilkinson