Daniel L. Ridout III, MD, AGAF FACP

Dr. Daniel Lyman Ridout III, MD, FACP, serves as the Head of Gastroenterology at the Eastern New Mexico Medical Center, where he utilizes seasoned leadership experience and education to treat underserved minority patients. His daily responsibilities include educating patients on prevention, mentoring residents and students, and working to alleviate anxiety for patients who are frightened. Drawing on his impressive background, which includes an MD from … Continue reading Daniel L. Ridout III, MD, AGAF FACP

Fiona E. Davis

Drawing on an impressive 32 years of experience, Fiona E. Davis efficiently serves as an education consultant for the Victoria Police’s People Development Command. Her day-to-day responsibilities include designing, implementing and assessing programs for police recruits, detectives, crime scene officers and prosecutors, as well as ensuring that all training programs are compliant with national standards. Ms. Davis also conducts continuous improvement audits and course evaluations, … Continue reading Fiona E. Davis

Morten Selven

As the president of Mikos Learning AS, Morten Selven utilizes his extensive background to provide quality professional training and consulting services. With a knack for problem-solving and expertise in sales, he is able to pass along his knowledge in order to assist his clients in reaching higher competition levels. Specifically, Mikos Learning AS provides top-notch sales training for average and top salespeople with the primary … Continue reading Morten Selven

James Alle

With knowledge in all facets of family law, James Alle serves as an attorney with his own private practice, the Law Office of James Alle. Backed by nearly four decades of experience, Mr. Alle provides quality representation and consulting services to individuals in even the most complicated cases. Specifically, he has effectively handled cases pertaining to child custody and divorce. Mr. Alle received a Bachelor … Continue reading James Alle

Rita Herperger

A former Community Youth Worker for Young Offenders and a current School Counselor, Rita Herperger utilizes her knowledge in mental-health counseling, as well as her own life experiences, to serve as the owner of Orenda Healing Professional Counselling & Consulting. As the owner and lead therapist, Ms. Herperger helps people through the provision of counseling services, as well as the development and facilitation of programs … Continue reading Rita Herperger

Dean A. Sininger

Dean A. Sininger has nurtured a successful career in the oil and gas sector for more than three decades. He currently services as the president and owner of two companies: Sintech Solutions and Sintech Supervision. Founded by Mr. Sininger in 1999, Sintech Supervision is an oil and energy industry consultancy in Alberta, Canada, that offers a comprehensive range of consulting services, as well as well … Continue reading Dean A. Sininger

Christopher Girimonte

Christopher Girimonte believes that companies should strive to improve their data networking capabilities in order to be successful. As a senior convergence engineer for CMG Associates, LLC, he encourages companies to adopt more efficient designs that will streamline the way they conduct business on a daily basis. A hands-on and resourceful professional, Christopher provides trusted consulting on all aspects related to data networking, including area … Continue reading Christopher Girimonte

John Grant

As managing director of Data#3, John Grant plays an integral role in taking a successful product-centric IT company and transforming it into a continually successful service-centric company. He is a skilled leader and collaborator who helps guide Data#3 as it finds its way in a rapidly changing IT market. Mr. Grant is trusted to oversee all operations of the company, which provides innovative technology solutions … Continue reading John Grant

Christopher Weber-Furst

Christopher Weber-Fürst is an internationally experienced professional coach who is passionate about aligning values with visions. Since 2004, he has owned and operated Female First, a consultancy that specializes in coaching services for female executives. Christopher works closely with CEOs, board members and leaders to assist them in utilizing their teams to achieve optimal results. He also provides leadership training and consulting services to clients … Continue reading Christopher Weber-Furst