Peg Lanagan, Ph.D., LPC

Dr. Peg Lanagan is an award-winning mental health professional whose true calling came to her following 30 years of work in the field of psychotherapy. Today, her primary mission is to support the military by providing counseling services to service members and their families. Backed by 20 years of experience in outpatient psychotherapy and 10 years in psychiatric inpatient hospitals, she is tremendously equipped with … Continue reading Peg Lanagan, Ph.D., LPC

Judith Dransfield

A compassionate individual, Judith Dransfield  provides counseling and therapy to at-risk youths and families affected by serious crime. She also offers family therapy, grief and loss counseling, counseling for the needs of the elderly, and supervises other therapists. Although she addresses a variety of issues, she mainly focuses on the consequences of serious crimes, including murders. Ms. Dransfield also works with individuals one day a … Continue reading Judith Dransfield

Rita Herperger

A former Community Youth Worker for Young Offenders and a current School Counselor, Rita Herperger utilizes her knowledge in mental-health counseling, as well as her own life experiences, to serve as the owner of Orenda Healing Professional Counselling & Consulting. As the owner and lead therapist, Ms. Herperger helps people through the provision of counseling services, as well as the development and facilitation of programs … Continue reading Rita Herperger