Martin L. Gelman, MD

Backed by four decades of professional experience within the field of health care, Martin L. Gelman serves as a medical doctor, internist and nephrologist with Greater Boston Medical Associates. Throughout his impressive career, Dr. Gelman has become an expert in dialysis, hypertension and kidney disease. Each day, he practices internal medicine, treating such ailments as hypertension, high blood pressure, kidney stones and kidney failure, which … Continue reading Martin L. Gelman, MD

Robert B. Zann, MD, FACS

With an impressive 34 years of medical experience, Robert B. Zann, MD, FACS, has been recognized for his hard work, dedication and desire to share his knowledge with those around him. As a skilled orthopedic surgeon with Orthopaedic Surgery Associates, Inc., Dr. Zann provides total joint, hip and knee replacement solutions by meeting with each of his patients and evaluating their conditions. Additionally, he is … Continue reading Robert B. Zann, MD, FACS

Usama H. Ghazi, DO

After his twin brother was hospitalized with kidney trauma when he was in the third grade, Usama H. Ghazi, DO, realized that he wanted to pursue a career in the field of medicine. While his parents were at the hospital visiting his brother, Dr. Ghazi read about the disease, which initially piqued his interest in the field. Subsequently, after earned an undergraduate degree in biology … Continue reading Usama H. Ghazi, DO

Dr. Jenny C. McCloskey

Dr. Jenny C. McCloskey has three decades of experience in health care and effectively utilizes her knowledge to care for patients as a physician at Royal Perth Hospital. Specifically, Dr. McCloskey treats patients’ issues concerning their sexual health, including the human papilloma virus in the genital tract. Upon realizing her knack for caring for people, it became clear to Dr. McCloskey that a career as … Continue reading Dr. Jenny C. McCloskey

Anand Balasubramanian

With vast knowledge in internal medicine, Anand Balasubramanian has achieved professional success as a physician through his own practice, Houston North West Primary Care. Dr. Balasubramanian is extremely passionate about helping people. He and his team at HNW Primary Care take pride in providing families compassionate, high-quality care. His practice offers a multitude of health care services pertaining to internal medicine and primary care. Dr. … Continue reading Anand Balasubramanian