Dr. Helen Spiropoulos

With a passion for finance that is matched only by her passion for teaching, Dr. Helen Spiropoulos has been a college-level lecturer for the last 20 years. Now in her sixth year with the University of Technology Sydney, she applies her expertise in financial accounting to teach a number of undergraduate and postgraduate classes, including Accounting Standards & Regulations, Accounting Skills for Managers, Financial Reporting … Continue reading Dr. Helen Spiropoulos

Ruth E. Salvisberg

Truly passionate about all things finance, Ruth E. Salvisberg paved a clear path to a career in the field. In 1992, Ms. Salvisberg earned a master’s degree in economics, finance, audits and trusts at the Universität St.Gallen, Hochschule für Wirtschafts, Rechts und Sozialwissenschaften. Determined to consistently learn and remain abreast of the field’s goings-on, she graduated from the University of St. Gallen with an executive … Continue reading Ruth E. Salvisberg

Max Dunner

Mr. Dunner brings his extensive experience and financial expertise to his role with Hagraf S.A., a trusted provider of pre-press, post-press, and press products and solutions for the printing industry. He is responsible for financial control of the company in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Mr. Dunner is noted for his ability to identify financial problems in various countries. A certified public accountant, he … Continue reading Max Dunner