Sonja Hadorn

A distinguished financial professional with more than nine years of experience, Sonja Hadorn excels as director of KBT Trehand AG Aargau, one of Switzerland’s leading financial services and trust companies providing financial advice, tax advice, and accounting and bookkeeping services. As the founder of the company, Ms. Hadorn demonstrates an expertise in developing young companies and providing services for financial reporting, financial controls, cash flow, and … Continue reading Sonja Hadorn

Georg Hafner

A global investor with expertise in asset and portfolio management, risk analysis, and retirement planning, Dr. Georg Hafner has acrrued more than 15 years of professional experience. After beginning his career with Credit Suisse in management training, he continued to grow professionally, working as the chief of portfolio management of the subsidiaries of Credit Suisse, where he managed more than 1.5 billion AUM. In 2005, … Continue reading Georg Hafner

Richard Ventura

Recently named a 2015 VIP of the Year, this recognition highlights Richard Ventura’s exceptional career in banking. For nearly a decade he has served as vice president of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. Incorporating intelligence and interpersonal skills, Mr. Ventura sees the big picture when it comes to business management and possesses the knowledge to make businesses successful. Collaborating on the development of … Continue reading Richard Ventura

Ram S. Tak

“You can have your cake! And eat it, too,” exclaims Ram S. Tak via his LinkedIn profile. The chairman and CEO of Insights Strategies International, Mr. Tak utilizes his 25 years of experience with retirement and estate planning to provide a vast range of financial services for clients. When working with a client, he analyzes various benefits, and insurance and retirement plans via phone. He also … Continue reading Ram S. Tak