Kenneth C. Althiser

With nearly four decades of professional experience, Kenneth Althiser has developed expertise in all areas of geoprocessing and modeling. Today, he excels as the technical lead of GIS for the City of Riverside, where he performs top-of-the-line geographical information systems analysis for the city’s arts and cultural affairs division. Daily, he is tasked with conducting analyses, overseeing cartography and database design, and maintaining local government … Continue reading Kenneth C. Althiser

Leonard Cranfield

An expert in geological mapping, mineral exploration, Earth science and research, Leonard Cecil Cranfield serves as a senior geologist and geological consultant for Cranfield Geological Services International Pty Ltd. The mining and energy company provides geological services, mining and metals, and energy services. Mr. Cranfield draws on his knowledge in mapping minerals, surveying, mineral resources, coal engineering, geotourism and engineering geology to consult in all … Continue reading Leonard Cranfield