Jeanne Elinor Karison

Dr. Jeanne Elinor Karison has dedicated the last four decades of her career to students pursuing higher education. Driven by a passion for teaching, she began her career at the elementary level. Through a natural progression of opportunities, she took on roles such as director of the teacher-friend program in a local school district, and high school principal in the Murfreesboro school system. “The greatest … Continue reading Jeanne Elinor Karison

Ronald H. Miller, Ph.D.

Dr. Ronald Miller is a consultant in the field of lifelong learning. Throughout his career, which began 35 years ago, he has written approximately 40 publications and has conducted more than 35 presentations. He helped create and operate the New York City Regional Center for Life-Long Learning from 1972 through 1976. Following this experience, he was instrumental in constructing and editing a student financial aid … Continue reading Ronald H. Miller, Ph.D.

Sarah Smith Malino

A professor of history and educator for 36 years, Dr. Sarah Malino concluded her career at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C. Passionate about her country’s heritage, she demonstrates an expertise in 19th century history, with a specialization in the history of race, class, gender and ethnicity in the United States. She also maintained significant interest in economic and business history, labor history, gender history, and foreign … Continue reading Sarah Smith Malino