Stephen Warman, MD

With more than three decades of experience, Dr. Stephen P. Warman is an expert in all areas of otolaryngology. Today, he is an otolaryngologist with the Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of New York, one of the largest specialty ENT practices in the New York Metropolitan area. The practice offers top-of-the-line services pertaining to otolaryngology, endoscopic sinus surgery, allergies, immunology, cosmetic surgery, audiology, sleep disorders … Continue reading Stephen Warman, MD

Cynthia Magro, MD

Dr. Cynthia Magro has always been fascinated by disease and pathophysiology. She views skin as a window to all disease and an excellent model to study all basic principles of immunology. Dr. Magro has is a key member of Weill Cornell Medical College, where she serves as director of dermatopathology, as well as a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine. She is also an attending … Continue reading Cynthia Magro, MD

Lisa Elliott

An expert in the area of bacteriophage, Dr. Lisa Elliott established AusPhage in July 2014 in the face of growing concern regarding increased antimicrobial resistance in bacteria. She aims to both develop and commercialize bacteriophage preparations that can overcome the antibiotic resistance that is negatively affecting communities worldwide. As an independent consultant, she provides valuable data to various companies in all industries, as well as … Continue reading Lisa Elliott