Holly Ann Wells

Pulling together her background and experience in finance and information technology, Holly Wells is a trusted name in information technology and project management consulting. Her expertise is utilized to assist corporations with projects and strategic alignment efforts. Her love for project-based work also extends to the nonprofit sector. Ms. Wells recently started eyelovenature.com, a website dedicated to celebrating sustainable living. She finds nature inspiring and … Continue reading Holly Ann Wells

Patrick W. Bass

Mr. Patrick Bass is a nationally recognized expert in the payment card industry because of his specialized skills in data security standards as they pertain to PA-DSS, P2PE and PCI DSS. With cross-functional experience in diverse markets, he demonstrates security and compliance in establishing and improving information security management programs. A skilled strategic and tactical leader, he now serves as the chief executive officer of InfoSecure … Continue reading Patrick W. Bass

Andrew Hepp

A trusted operations consultant with a passion for processes, Andrew W. Hepp acts as an information technology liaison for more than 700 field restaurants. He has an in-depth understanding of executive-level restaurant operations, and is skilled in “reading” people. These assets enable him to successfully provide support-level service to his clients, thus ensuring seamless rollouts of all IT field and operational initiatives. Most recently, Mr. … Continue reading Andrew Hepp

Donald Streeck

With 25 years of invaluable contributions to the field of information technology, Donald Streeck serves as an image processing specialist for Xerox. In this role, Mr. Streeck utilizes his profound expertise in the area of computer programming to cut out stencils for the design of Boeing aircraft. Additionally, he creates designs and templates, and conducts training sessions at the new plotting center. Established a whopping … Continue reading Donald Streeck

Ella Ruggles

Ella Ruggles has always had a passion for educating and helping others. Her goal is, and has always been, to enable students to follow their respective paths efficiently and effectively. As a video technology program coordinator for Pellissippi State Community College, Ms. Ruggles is able to do just that. Inspired and driven forward by her students, Ms. Ruggles takes pride in being there to help them … Continue reading Ella Ruggles

Elizabeth Honig

Having started her very first business when she was only 12 years old, Elizabeth Honig has enjoyed a long, successful career. Currently, she is the director of Computer Insight Learning Center™, an information technology learning facility based in the state of New Jersey. One of the largest training facilities in the state, CILC provides quality training and education pertaining to computer software and other related … Continue reading Elizabeth Honig

Michael Colin Jos

Michael Colin Jos serves as the vice president of EpiCenter, an Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting company and solutions partner. He has been in the field for more than 25 years, and for the past six years, Mr. Jos has utilized his expertise in diagnostics, business intelligence, customizations and interfaces, ERP training, and information technology to effectively benefit the company as a whole. His … Continue reading Michael Colin Jos

Kerry Dawson

A true technology buff, Kerry Dawson spends his days writing and editing content on his sites, Daily Mac View and The Mac View. His articles offer the latest on all things Apple Inc., including Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and even the iOS operating system. Proficient in information technology, writing and working with others, Mr. Dawson not only writes, but also consults for various small and … Continue reading Kerry Dawson

Terron Daniel Sims II

Terron Daniel Sims II is a renowned and established political consultant. Currently, he works with professionals within the field of information technology, and provides quality IT solutions and analytical services to government clients. Additionally, he provides individual augmentation, as well as task Army commands to support operations. Each day, Mr. Sims acts as a liaison officer between companies and the United States Army’s assistant chief … Continue reading Terron Daniel Sims II

Aquil Naqvi

Aquil Naqvi currently serves as the regional human resources director for the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan for Abbott, a health care company dedicated to innovative research and product manufacturing for human health. Proficient in acquisitions, Mr. Naqvi is responsible for handling human resources for shared services information technology in his designated region, as well as ensuring that all policies and procedures are correct. Additionally, … Continue reading Aquil Naqvi