Anant Kalyan

Backed by 15 years of experience in his industry, Anant Kalyan successfully serves as the BRM and GE GDC relationship leader for Genpact, a financial operations service group specializing in banking and financial services for a multitude of sectors, including the energy, insurance, capital market, aerospace and automotive industries. Additionally, the company assists clients in the high-tech, hospitality, chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and retail industries, … Continue reading Anant Kalyan

Dr. Marlaina Palmeri

Dr. Marlaina Palmeri has nurtured an impressive 46-year career within the field of education, and has been effectively serving as the president and chief education officer of Believe To Achieve International LLC for just over two years. Since establishing the education management organization in July 2013, Dr. Palmeri has been responsible for the accountability and compliance to state departments of education and charter school authorizers. … Continue reading Dr. Marlaina Palmeri

Ray Gibbs

Known for his keen ability to execute a plan, Ray Gibbs assesses the strategic positions of Haydale Graphene Industries PLC in his role as the CEO. In this capacity, Mr. Gibbs looks to commercialize grapheme, or carbon molecules in the form of hollow spheres bonded in sheet form at one atom thick. To put it simply, graphene is mechanically 200 times stronger than steel, has … Continue reading Ray Gibbs

Marie-Paule Vojtassak

As the head of global regulatory affairs for GlaxoSmithKline Group of Companies (GSK), Marie-Paule Vojtassak maintains responsibility for the regulatory activities linked to a defined portfolio. Noted for her expertise in team empowerment, Dr. Vojtassak leads multinational teams. Her clinical, technical and hands-on experience have afforded her the experience necessary to effectively run her area of the company. GSK is a global leader in pharmaceutical … Continue reading Marie-Paule Vojtassak

Matthew Ong

As the ASEAN finance director for Essilor Singapore, Mr. Ong utilizes his expertise in finance management and business partnerships to oversee all financial operations within his region. He manages directors in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. He joined the company in March 2014 and has since become an integral member of its staff. Essilor Singapore is a corrective lens designer and manufacturer that … Continue reading Matthew Ong

Rudi Deruytter

Rudi Deruytter has nurtured a 31-year career in the finance industry and currently serves as the successful CEO of CKV Bank, a Belgium-based bank that provides numerous financial services. Proficient in all things banking and finance, Mr. Deruytter manages the daily operations of the bank, which plays an important role in the market of traditional savings and investment products for individuals in Belgium. A true … Continue reading Rudi Deruytter

Charmellian Anderson

In her role as function supervisor for Fraser’s Restaurant Group, Charmellian Anderson is committed to excellence in hospitality and event management. Charmellian is responsible for supervising wedding functions, working with suppliers to organize food preparation for guests, and leading teams of four to 25 people or more. She utilizes her skills in staff training and debriefing, and is able to quickly assess how to organize … Continue reading Charmellian Anderson