Vicky Roussos

Vicky Roussos currently serves as the managing director of Global Water Science Pty Ltd, a water purification company that is committed to offering effective water quality assessment services. With an ultimate goal of providing the purest water possible, Ms. Roussos is responsible for overseeing the company’s headquarters and assisting the chief president of the company. She also meets with members of Parliament in an effort … Continue reading Vicky Roussos

Manuel E. Collazo Jr.

It wasn’t until Manuel E. Collazo Jr. was recruited by a headhunter that he became interested in the field of finance. He’d already received an undergraduate degree from the Ramapo College of New Jersey, and was pursuing a graduate degree when he was convinced to begin working for a Spanish bank. Although he had originally been planning to become a pilot in the military, Mr. … Continue reading Manuel E. Collazo Jr.

Antony Sheen

Kind, funny and easy to talk to, Antony Sheen stands out from the crowd in his role as the managing director of Altech Computers Corporation Pty Ltd. A computer components and pre-built systems distributor, Altech provides a wide array of technological products and solutions, including cables, connectors, data storage, desktops, digital cameras and photos frames, and motherboards. Additionally, the company provides fans and cooling boards, … Continue reading Antony Sheen

Barry Flowerdew

With a long-lived passion for all things cars, Barry K. Flowerdew has achieved professional success as the managing director of Autovillage Military Car Sales. The company, which is comprised of three dealerships, offers luxury vehicles at discounted rates for U.S. military personnel. Customers can shop for Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles at the dealership’s locations in both Spain and the United Kingdom. With a … Continue reading Barry Flowerdew

Cathryn Carver

Cathryn Carver has spent the past decade in key roles with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ). She joined the company in 2005 as the Global Head of Corporate Finance. She has since advanced steadily within ANZ,  and currently sits on the leadership team of the International and Institutional Banking Division, where she holds the position of Senior Managing Director of International and … Continue reading Cathryn Carver