Franco Fogliato

Franco Fogliato is a brand management, marketing and distribution expert who has more than 21 years of experience developing effective business strategies for brands in the apparel industry. Today, he excels in his role as senior vice president and general manager EMEA for Columbia Sportswear Company, a retail manufacturer that provides consumers with “tested-tough” outerwear and sports apparel, including jackets, pants, shirts, footwear, and more. … Continue reading Franco Fogliato

Georgia Sotiropoulos

Resilient and persistent, Georgia Sotiropoulos has spent the past 25 years growing in the field of retail. She initially became involved in her profession because of her educational background in marketing; she earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from the University of New South Wales, and she wanted to be a fashion buyer. Ms. Sotiropoulos trained for the role, and ended up serving as … Continue reading Georgia Sotiropoulos

Dr. Margaret A. McGregor

During her four-decade-long career, Dr. Margaret McGregor learned that success comes from three key components: an honest, hardworking attitude, a laser-beam focus on the bigger picture, and a willingness to adapt, learn and accept challenges. As a colonel for the United States Air Force, Dr. McGregor learned the importance of these components — she honed her skills and put them to great use, along with … Continue reading Dr. Margaret A. McGregor

Erin B. MacDonald

A corporate communications and public relations rock star, Erin MacDonald excels as the director of communications and strategy for 460 Communications, a marketing agency she founded to help clients “find their voice and share their story.” Among Ms. MacDonald’s top skills are her abilities in strategic planning, copywriting, and the ever-changing digital and social media landscape. She manages the 460 Communications’ brand and reputation through … Continue reading Erin B. MacDonald

Glenn Hauer

Drawing on expertise in geophysics and sensor engineering, Glenn Hauer is currently serving as the president and CEO of INOVA, a land seismic technology company. The new and independent joint venture company is 51 percent owned by BGP and 49 percent owned by ION Geophysical, and supplies geophysical equipment to the energy industry. It operates with a separate, independent management structure overseen by an outside … Continue reading Glenn Hauer

John H. Tilley

Having led a fulfilling, 46-year career in the field of technology, John H. Tilley retired from his role as assistant vice president of business development for Hughes Network Systems LLC’s Director Satellite Division. There, he utilized his profound expertise in systems engineering management to oversee high-technology engineering equipment and total communication systems. He was also responsible for designing and building total communication systems, and leading … Continue reading John H. Tilley

Richard Lawler

For more than 10 years, Richard Lawler has served as the president and principal of EMA Solutions, a company through which he diligently works with clients on strategic planning for land development projects, and with county, state and city officials on permit issues and requirements specific to his clients’ needs. In his role, he is also responsible for marketing, handling operations, strategic planning and servicing … Continue reading Richard Lawler

Stuart M. Pound

A renowned leader in the field of transportation, Stuart Pound firmly believes that establishing a level of trust expands the structure of relationships. Mr. Pound refers to this approach as “The Stuartism of Transportation.” He is noted for his high standard of ethics and professionalism, and has thus achieved success as the vice president of sales and marketing for Larway Transportation. With an impressive history … Continue reading Stuart M. Pound

Jayme D. Fowler

With more than three decades of invaluable experience within the field of finance, Jayme D. Fowler has achieved success as the vice president of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. Most recently, he was recognized by Worldwide Branding as a 2015 VIP Member, which serves as a testament to his hard work, dedication and significant achievements within his industry. In his current capacity, Mr. Fowler is responsible … Continue reading Jayme D. Fowler

Peter Vinken

Peter Vinken boasts nearly three decades of experience as a conductor and music publisher for Highland Music, which publishes musical orchestrations. Mr. Vinken is proficient in conducting orchestral music, and is responsible for advising conductors, teaching, engraving music, and overseeing sales and marketing for the company. Additionally, he networks with other professionals, meets with clients, and, of course, arranges music. Highland Music offers beautifully composed … Continue reading Peter Vinken