Camilla Fischbacher

Noted for her bold spirit and creativity, Camilla D. Fischbacher utilizes a decade of experience in the arts to successfully serve as the art director and product manager for Christian Fischbacher Co. AG. Her product creativity, design and innovation are relied upon by the company to create beautiful, unique fabrics. Under Mrs. Fischbacher’s management, the company’s design and marketing teams drive the creative and innovative … Continue reading Camilla Fischbacher

Ted C. Morgan

Renowned for his expertise in marketing and operations management, Ted C. Morgan serves as the vice president of sales for AB&R (American Barcode and RFID), an automatic-identification and data-collection solutions pioneer and provider. Mr. Morgan joined the company in 2001 as the director of solutions and progressed to his current capacity in 2010. He has since been responsible for managing a sales team of 12 … Continue reading Ted C. Morgan

Mira Sirotic

Global Business Trading Company Inc. In this role, she oversees global business development in a wide range of industries. Thus, Ms. Sirotic is responsible for creating value in new markets by establishing and supporting Win-Win-Win relationships. Noted for her expertise in marketing and global business development, she is an integral asset to the business, which is a global trading company that offers import and export … Continue reading Mira Sirotic

Glenn Nosse

Proficient in marketing direction, Glenn Nosse serves as a trusted  director of Aloha E-Bikes Corp. Mr. Nosse is in charge of promoting this new, and environmentally friendly company through strategic planning, business development and marketing, as well as directing corporate and in-house videos. Serving the states of Hawaii and California, Mr. Nosse is contracted for marketing projects, and currently promotes a car dealership and a … Continue reading Glenn Nosse

Karin O’Connor

Karin Börjesson O’Connor is an extremely driven professional who believes in one’s ability to create his or her own future. An expert in change processes and brand strategy, she specializes in working with brands that require change and need to take the next step. Karin has handled more than 50 change processes globally over the course of her career. She works closely with her clients … Continue reading Karin O’Connor