Joseph Barletta

A retired lawyer and media executive, Joseph F. Barletta, Esq., combines his vast industry knowledge, including corporate governance and labor laws, with his media expertise to offer companies legal services and advice as a board member. Part of several boards, he is able to significantly assist companies and be involved without taking on an overwhelming workload. Now semi-retired, Mr. Barletta formerly held various top executive … Continue reading Joseph Barletta

Andrea Cummis

Well-known for her 33 years of invaluable contributions to the multimedia field, Andrea Cummis has attained much  knowledge in the areas of engineering, operations and technology. To date, she has worked with many broadcasting and media companies, and has consulted on numerous issues, including new technology, system design, organizational structure, workflow, standard operating procedures, and startup planning. Currently, she serves as the managing partner of … Continue reading Andrea Cummis