John Cushing

John Cushing is an award-winning attorney who has been serving the Chicagoland area for the last 38 years. He focuses his practice on personal injury law, including wrongful death, automobile accidents, table saw injuries, premises liability, products liability, construction negligence, medical malpractice and workers’ compensation. Understanding the tremendous impact that these injuries have on the everyday lives of his clients, he takes a compassionate approach … Continue reading John Cushing

J. Kent Lowry

As a personal injury attorney, J. Kent Lowry understands how important it is for clients to obtain representation from a compassionate and headstrong leader in the courtroom. “Many times those who are victims of injuries due to the negligence of another person can experience life-altering changes that impact every moment and decision of the rest of their lives — they need someone to fight for … Continue reading J. Kent Lowry

Antoinette Colbran

An award-winning health care professional and business owner, Antoinette Colbran has accrued more than two decades of experience in the field of medical administration. Now the executive director of Benchmark The Practice, an expert medical witness services consulting firm, she provides expert opinion services pertaining to medical negligence, personal injury and motor vehicle accidents for lawyers handling medical malpractice cases. Ms. Colbran established her business … Continue reading Antoinette Colbran

Theodore J. Fournaris

A highly esteemed personal injury attorney serving the Miami, Fla., region, Theodore Fournaris has been successfully representing individuals for the last 35 years. “A good result is not by accident,” he says, adding that “when you are involved in an accident, your entire life can change dramatically in mere seconds. Accidents can have far-reaching effects for you and your family. In addition to astronomical medical costs, … Continue reading Theodore J. Fournaris

Sean M. Burke

Sean M. Burke and his team at the Law Offices of Sean M. Burke offer the highest quality of legal services in a number of different areas, including personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, insurance litigation and products liability, among many others. For years, Mr. Burke and his colleague, Heather J. Higson, have been relied upon by clients to achieve justice and obtain fair compensation. … Continue reading Sean M. Burke