Timothy L. Mercer

The recipient of a Distinguished Humanitarian Award this year for his extensive work over the last four decades, Timothy Mercer is a nationally recognized social worker based in Dayton, Ohio. Now working with Access Hospital, he demonstrates prominence as a treatment and recovery aid for patients with a range of mental illnesses. “I entered my profession because I wanted to help patients achieve their potential … Continue reading Timothy L. Mercer

Sheldon Braaten, Ph.D.

The recent recipient of a Distinguished Humanitarian Award, Dr. Sheldon Braaten has committed the last 45 years to helping children become the best version of themselves. A recognized leader in behavioral psychology in Little Canada, Minn., he utilizes research-based learning theories to help other professionals serving troubled children to help them to modify their behavior, to treat anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse and mental illness. … Continue reading Sheldon Braaten, Ph.D.