Terron Daniel Sims II

Terron Daniel Sims II is a renowned and established political consultant. Currently, he works with professionals within the field of information technology, and provides quality IT solutions and analytical services to government clients. Additionally, he provides individual augmentation, as well as task Army commands to support operations. Each day, Mr. Sims acts as a liaison officer between companies and the United States Army’s assistant chief … Continue reading Terron Daniel Sims II

James P. Kelly, MD

James P. Kelly, MD, has more than three decades of experience within the field of health care, and has established himself as a passionate, knowledgeable professional throughout the years. Currently, he serves as a director, neurologist and medical doctor for the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE). A Department of Defense institute, the NICoE is committed to studying the gaps in knowledge regarding the pathophysiology, … Continue reading James P. Kelly, MD

Edmund L. DuBois, MS

A retired brigadier general of the U.S. Army, Edmund L. DuBois embraces his passion for writing as a renowned author and storyteller. He has thus far authored three novels: “A Lace Cap and Two Boys”; “In the Name of Church”; and “A Lesser Tale of the South Pacific.” An avid traveler, Mr. DuBois even went to France in order to accurately write, “In the Name … Continue reading Edmund L. DuBois, MS

William Tripp

A former member of the United States Navy, William Tripp is an avid supporter of all who serve the U.S. Currently, he is the owner of Hawk Enterprises, a disabled veteran-owned small business that operates with the motto, “Focus on the war-fighter.” Through products and services that enhance the capabilities of soldiers, Mr. Tripp and his team specialize in aviation operations and maintenance, as well … Continue reading William Tripp